What is wedding agency?

A wedding agency employs wedding planners who have knowledge, excitement and experience in organizing and planning a wedding and all details related to this task – location selection, budget and plan creation and control, vendor selection and negotiations, etc. The wedding agents are creative, attentive and dedicated to what they do, love to plan and have amazing attention to detail.

Why do I need a wedding agency?

You will be able to rely on experienced professional to plan the wedding event according to your ideas and expectations. The wedding planner will not be emotionally involved in the wedding and will thus be able to control your budget and to offer sound judgement and negotiation skills where needed. Last but not least, hiring a wedding planner will free time for you and your partner to completely relax and enjoy your wedding day.

Would I be able to afford a wedding planner?

The wedding agent will assist you in getting the best possible wedding services according to your pre-defined budget. This will result in direct savings. The wedding planner will negotiate on your behalf with all wedding vendors, such as restaurant, photographer, decorator, etc.  In this way, you will get the best quality you can afford. The wedding agency fee will be paid off by the savings, which the wedding agent will secure on your behalf and by the involvement of an impartial professional who will be able to plan and control your wedding budget.

Why Инанна?

Inanna is the name of the Sumerian goddess of love and fertility. We like how it sounds and what it means – we think that a goddess responsible for love and procreation is a worthy Godmother of a wedding agency.

Инанна or Инана?

The name of the goddess is Inanna, that’s why we decided to name our agency Инанна. Some sources spell the goddess name Inana, which will transcribe as Инана in Bulgarian, but we selected the double “n” as it’s more euphonious.

My fiance wants me to make all wedding choices

The wedding planning is a good preview of the compromises you will have to make as husband and wife.  We can help in convincing both partners to take some part in the wedding organization. Together with the bride, we can make the more girlie decisions – decoration, wedding gown, jewelry  wedding theme, etc. and we can involve the groom in other important organization aspects – wedding colors (the groom usually wears a tie pursuant with the wedding colors and hence it’s important that he likes them), wedding ride selection, the restaurant, the menu, etc.

I don’t like / don’t know how to negotiate

Your wedding day is a very emotional event and the different wedding vendors are trying to take advantage and ask for very high prices. We, at Inanna wedding agency, are quite experienced in negotiating, know the wedding market and will help you get the best quality for your budget. We will help you prioritize and will set aside a bigger part of the budget for the high priority items.