Riu Pravets wedding restaurant Inanna wedding agencyAfter we have officially closed the 2014 wedding season, here comes the time for assessment, analysis, and comments, which we hope would be useful for our readers. So, we continue the restaurants review and after park hotel Vitosha, hotel Sankt Peterburg, Plovdivrestaurant Galantpark hotel Berlinrestaurant Bulgariarestaurant Panorama in park hotel Moskvarestaurant Carsko selo, and restaurant Metropolitan, we will present you a very fashionable wedding location – Riu Pravets.

Location: Inanna rating 10/10 – The complex is situated at 65 km from Sofia, at the entrance for the town of Pravets. The place is quiet and peaceful and the lake and the golf course complement the hotel’s idyllic atmosphere. The green areas are very well arranged and maintained.  The trees around the lake provide a good shelter from the sun and an excellent picture spot.

Interior: Inanna rating 9.5/10 – The complex is created with a substantial financial and taste investment. The luxury and high-class atmosphere can be felt as soon as the reception and the lobby bar, throughout the rooms and the corridors and around the lake. The wedding hall is spacious and stylish. The tiles around the fountain, however, can use a scenery change.

Riu Pravets wedding restaurant Inanna wedding agencyService: Inanna rating (I am not exaggerating) 11/10 –Boyana from the sales department, the hotel manager, the maintenance guys, and the waiters – the service was brilliant. Perfectly trained, with care and tact, they all managed to resolve every situation we put them through. 0

Food quality: Inanna rating 9/10– The menu choices made by the couple were as good as the quality of the food itself. Large and tasty portions.

Quality / quantity / price ratio: Inanna rating 8/10  – As you can imagine, all of the above benefits can be enjoyed at quite a high price. And as we all know, there is no free lunch. There are some pointless fees, however, that leave an unpleasant impression – the unnecessarily high fee for having our drinks for the reception and the quite weird cake cutting fee.

Total Inanna rating – 48.5/50

Would we choose Riu Pravets for our wedding?

  • She – Yes 
  • He –   Yes