Сватба в Ястребец Боровец сватбена агенция ИнаннаFollowing, Riu Pravets, we continue the wedding restaurants review with hotel Yastrebets in Borovets.

Location: Inanna rating 10/10 – The complex is situation ~ 60 km from Sofia in Borovets, very close to the slopes.  Stunningly beautiful in all seasons. A nice bonus to the fortunate location is the huge hotel park – a great place for ceremonies and wedding photo sessions.

Interior: Inanna rating 7/10 – After reviewing the initial offer, I had quite high expectations for the hotel. Expectations, which weren’t 100% satisfied. Yes, it is pretty and cozy, but definitely not as powerful as their original price proposal, which we managed to reduce with several negotiation sessions. On top of this, the restaurant is not the most suitable for weddings. We recommend the garden, though.

Service: Inanna rating 10/10 – As the couple doesn’t live in Bulgaria, we were, more or less, in charge of the communication and negotiations with the hotel manager, or were included in cc. His replies were always prompt and professional. All requirements of the bride and groom were addressed with the needed care and attention. Chefs, waiters, receptionist – all excellent.

Food quality: Inanna rating 10+/10 – This was our first buffet wedding. I had my doubts whether it all would turn out as planned and expected. Doubts were not necessary as it turned out – everything was very tasty and in satisfactory quantities. The line in front of the roasted lamb even managed to surpass the length of the best man’s horo.

Quality / quantity / price ratio: Inanna rating 8/10 –  The high price range in which the hotel is positioned definitely matches the offered quality. If you luck out with the weather as we did with Eli and Stefan, nothing can prevent your wonderful wedding celebration.

Total Inanna rating: 45+/50

Would we choose Yastrebets for our wedding?

  • She – Yes 
  • He –   Yes