By Georgi Stoyanov

The popularity of destination weddings is growing in direct proportion to the increase of the wedding restaurant prices in Sofia.  Stories about weddings in Bansko during the summer, inclusive of reception and accommodation expenses, that cost almost as much as a wedding in Sofia in an average wedding-friendly restaurant, sounded like urban legends. Until 30.03.2013.

30.03.2013 was the date chosen by our clients for their wedding in hotel Lion, Borovets. The fact that the distance Sofia (hometown of the bride)-Borovets and Dupnitsa (hometown of the groom)-Borovets are quite similar, defined Borovets as the most appropriate destination choice. The hotel was selected by the bride after a successful company event.

Our wedding organization tasks were related mostly to vendor selection and wedding day control, so I kind of didn’t pay enough attention to the wedding reception budget item.

What was the aftermath?

It turned out that the price difference is approximately 20 lv per person – when you compare a nice 4 star hotel in Sofia and in Borovets. On top of this, the quantity and quality of the portions were excellent. The waiters provided top notch invisible service and the restaurant manager, Tania, helped them up until the last guests went to the lobby bar at around 3:30 am to continue with the after party. I had complete support on all wedding organization matters. As a person with professional experience in the F&B business, I was very impressed by the service and professionalism with which they handled the wedding day of Marina and Mitko.

As a result, I am convinced that a wedding in Borovets is a really good alternative to the somewhat expensive and crowded Sofia venues. Especially during the summer – a slow season for a ski resort like Borovets. Here are the main advantages, from my perspective:

 Even if you decide to cover your guests’ accommodation, the price per person would be comparable to a restaurant in Sofia in the same category.

 You and your guests will have a unique experience.

 The restaurant and hotel staff will provide special treatment. Even if only for the fact that you are making their boring summera bit more interesting.

 Your wedding photo session has the appropriate summary to turn amazing.

  You will leave the Sofia heat and dirt

  The location is close enough to Sofia and you can use all Sofia wedding vendors, without having to pay an additional fee, except for transport and one night accommodation.

Of course, you should take into consideration the following factors, before deciding to organize your wedding outside of Sofia:

There is a risk that your older relatives will turn the invite down. They usually perceive the trip, the hotel booking, and the following party as an unnecessary extreme adventure.

The fact that your guests will have to pay for travel and possibly for accommodation, will probably negatively influence their generosity when it comes to wedding gifts.

The untrustworthy mountain weather can mix up your photo session plans.

If you would like to follow the classics – official wedding and church ceremonies, you will have to do them in Samokov, which will tire and your guests before the reception.

You will definitely have to invest more time and resources in the wedding organization or hire a professional wedding agent to assist you.

All in all, if you live in Sofia, but most of your guests don’t, you should at least consider a wedding outside the city. Not only it could turn more pleasant and fun, but sometimes it can cost less.