Out of all the weddings we organized in the last couple of years, besides the pleasure of:

  • Witnessing how several months of planning and organization fall into a perfect wedding day
  • Working with professionals who create beauty and romance
  • Being a part of one of the happiest days in the life of a couple
  • Sample different wedding cakes


We also have the pleasure of observing the choices the brides and grooms make, to consult them, and to catch the wedding trends as they develop. Here is our list of what’s hot in the wedding world:

8. Short wedding dress. Unconventional, convenient, ideal for dancing.

Къса сватбена рокля сватбена агенция Инанна

7. All eyes on the hair. Hair extensions for beautiful curls and queen-like look.

Сватбена прическа сватбена агенция Инанна

6. Themed weddings. Head bands for the bridesmaids (and sometimes the bride) and fresh flowers for a bohemian theme. Feathers and complementing accessories for a 1920s phantasy wedding. Macaroon wedding cake and Eiffel tower wedding dress for a French theme. Numerous options; all you need is imagination and attention to detail when executing.

Тематична сватба - бохо Сватбена агенция ИнаннаТематична сватба Френски мотив Мишето и Митко сватбена агенция Инанна

5. Keeping it covered – ever since Kate Middleton‘s exquisite lace on the shoulders and arms, more and more brides choose this style. Long sleeves of lace over a strapless dress is a perfect combination.

Сватбената рокля на Кейт Мидълтън сватбена агенция Инанна

Look out for the second part of the list where we have lots of glitter, tradition, and color.