Following the short wedding dresses, the queen-like hair, themed weddings, and lace, we present you the second part of the top wedding trends as we see them.

4. Bling, glitz, and shimmer! In the bouquet, the shoes, the dress, the hair. Enough said.

Бляскава сватбена рокля сватбена агенция ИнаннаСватбен букет с бляскави бижута сватбена агенция Инанна

Бляскави сватбени обувки сватбена агенция Инанна

3. Why white? (or white is boring) Blush, golden, or beige are perfect choices for brides whose skin tone doesn’t like white, like other colors or would like to break the standards.

Бледо розови сватбени рокли сватбена агенция ИнаннаБледо бежови сватбени рокли сватбена агенция Инанна

2. Looks that honor. A wonderful approach in which the bride and groom combine tradition and trendy. Wedding dress modeled on a traditional family wedding gown, part of a vintage jewelry included in the wedding necklace or tiara, the favorite color of the groom’s grandmother included in the color scheme and wedding accessories.

1. Surprise second look. Classic princess gown for the ceremony and sexy short dress for the reception and dancing.  Beautiful white lace for the signature and retro dress with Eiffel towers for the reception. Going with two dresses, you will be able to satisfy your desire for a classic heavy wedding gown with train and a dress in which you would be able to dance and move freely. You will surprise the quests (and possibly the groom) with two different visions and would be able to express two different parts of your personality.

Две сватбени рокли сватбена агенция Инанна

If you recognized your wedding dream in one or more of these trends and need someone to organize it with you, get in touch with us to talk and make plans.