Reni & Dido

Who – Reni & Dido

When– September-15th 2012

Where –  restaurant Carsko Selo. Official ceremony in Studentska municipality. Church – Sv. Ioan Rilski.

Main challenges

  • Insufficient time for organization and strict budget.
  • The bride and groom work full time.
  • Wedding guests from out-of-Sofia, which needed accommodation.
  • Wedding favors.

How we solved them:

  • Detailed wedding plan and budget, which we followed strictly.
  • Vendors’ lists, which included strengths and weaknesses. Personal meetings arranged after initial selection on the suggested vendors.
  • Meetings preparation and execution in convenient times for the bride and groom – usually evenings and weekends.
  • Negotiations and coordination of the out-of-towners accommodation.
  • Wedding favors selection by the bride and groom, order and delivery by Inanna on the wedding day.