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My name is Teodora. I have graduated the American University in Bulgaria with majors Economics and Business Administration and I have an MBA with a focus on Marketing. An economist by education, a project manager by trade, and a psychologist and chocolate lover – by choice.

I will listen carefully to your expectations about the wedding. I will create a project plan for the event and I will make sure every task is accomplished as planned, irrespective of the owner. I will put together a budget and will run it as if it were my money I am spending. Depending on your preferences and finances, I will select and offer vendors for the different parts of the wedding.

I am Georgi – Teodora’s husband. I have graduated the French language school in Varna and I am a Master of Political Science from the Sofia University. I am a doer, a cook, and a restaurant lover. Whatever you have planned with Tedy, I will make sure happens to the smallest detail. I will join you when you meet with your chosen vendors, will consult and negotiate. I will purchase the rings you have selected, will take care of the alcohol and the soft drinks on the wedding day and will make friends with the marketing department of the hotel you will accommodate your guests and will secure the best possible price.

I would gladly talk about your wedding at any time of the day. If you need a wedding consultant on the wedding day, I will follow the predefined scenario and will make sure everything goes according to plan.

Our story

Inanna wedding agencyIt all began with the organization our wedding. As I have quite an extensive experience with project management and clearly saw there was not enough time for organization – 3 months between the engagement and the wedding date, I decided to let a professional do the organization for me. I did my research for wedding agencies in Sofia and Joro, my fiancé at the time and now husband, scheduled meetings with all of them we believed could help us.

After the first several meetings, my disappointment started to grow. All wedding agencies talked about how special a wedding is (as if we didn’t know it) and offered decoration. Talked about flowers and ribbons, colors and balloons. And I wanted to talk project. Do they know how to organize a wedding in 3 months? Can they plan all the tasks so that I am confident everything will be done on time and there will be no surprises on the wedding day? I wanted project management. I wanted budget planning. I wanted consultations. They offered decoration. When they heard our questions and requests, they responded – Of course, we will offer you restaurants as well. Sigh.

Joro and I spent one hour on the first meeting to explain what we expected of a wedding agent. We concluded the following meetings for less than ½ hour after we were offered to see the chair ribbons and were looked upon strangely when we mentioned project management. After meeting #8 we were completely desperate and have decided that I will organize our wedding event despite my busy working days and I will take days off if needed. Meeting #9 changed our minds, because the lady we met seemed to talk our language. She came prepared, brought a checklist and with that simple gesture – won me over. We agreed on what we expected from a wedding agent, or at least I thought so back then, signed a contract and started working.

Then, came the disappointment. Turned out that the lady doesn’t have the capacity to create a project plan and a budget and that for her the task “hairdo for the bride and the maid of honor” meant to give me the phone number of the hairdresser she is working with. My expectations were quite different and I thought I communicated them on our first meeting. I wanted options. I expected her to hear what I want from a specific wedding point and based on my ideas and expectations, to offer the best options. No problem, I will look for a different hairdresser if you don’t like this one. Apparently, we spoke different languages.

Inanna wedding agencyAt the end of the day, we managed to organize the event ourselves. We put lots of time and effort. I created a project plan and a budget and followed them strictly. Our wedding day was one of the best moments of our life, but if I could go back and change one thing, it would definitely be my choice of a wedding agency and all the time and effort I put into explanations.

With all the experiences I collected throughout the organization of my wedding when my sister, Stela, got engaged we decided that we are going to organize her wedding together. And it worked out beautifully. We were in control. I created a project plan and we followed it. We used the template for my budget and strictly controlled all expenses. We carefully picked restaurant, decoration, church, DJ, makeup artist, and a hairdresser because we knew what we wanted. We did our fair share of research and had options. After the successful completion of this project, we knew it – we can organize a wedding in the way we understand it. A wedding agency on the Bulgarian market meant something different, something related to decoration and a team of professionals with only one choice of each. For all the brides that wanted research, options, and organization, we decided to create a real wedding agency.

After Stela and Valio’s wedding, Joro and I helped Zornitsa and Jason who live in the US and had to organize a wedding overseas. Assya and Ilian live in Canada and wanted a sea wedding – in Varna. After assisting with this wedding, we proved that our tools for planning and control work were not location-bound.

Many of our friends started to ask advises and recommendations when planning their wedding days and we shared our knowledge. Then, we decided to go official and to offer planning and organization to couples that needed event management and not just a ribbons’ advisor.

If you are looking for wedding agents who can create a project plan to plan all the tasks for your big day and where you can follow deadlines and responsibles, who will budget and control expenses, who will listen and will hear and remember your ideas and will factor them when offering choices, then you came to the right place. Get in touch with Inanna wedding agency and we will gladly meet or talk on the phone / skype about your expectations of a perfect wedding day and will help you create it.