Sandra & Misho

Who – Sandra & Misho

When – 13 September 2014

Where – official ritual in Triaditsa hall, church ritual – Sv. Sedmochislenici, wedding reception – hotel Metropolitan, Sofia.

Main challenges

  • Very busy couple, who live in Kostinbrod
  • Restaurant negotiations
  • Wedding day logistics challenges: one of the few wedding lately with two official rituals in the same day and visits to the ritual hall and the church.
  • Guests pulling out last moment and others showing at the reception even though they have originally declined.

How we solved them

  • Regular meetings and talks with the future bride and groom at times and locations convenient for them.
  • With our assistance and negotiations, the difference in opinions between the couple and the restaurant, were solved favorably.
  • We provided logistics support and preparatory meetings with the officiary and the priest right before the ceremonies.
  • Instant reaction to last moment changes in the reception participants issue both from Inanna and the restaurant personnel and the guests were accommodated

The exquisite decoration is created by Luksozno and the beautiful wedding photos by wedding photographer Kameliya Atanasova.