Sophie & Juraj

Who – Sophie & Juraj

When – 07 September 2013

Where – Plovdiv – Puldin ritual hall, catholic cathedral St. Ludwig and celebration at hotel Sankt Peterburg

Main Challenges

  • The bride and groom live in Malta and didn’t have plans to come to Bulgaria before the wedding
  • Official wedding of a foreigner in Bulgaria
  • Religious ritual in a catholic cathedral of a catholic groom and Eastern orthodox bride
  • Invites to be printed out in three languages: Bulgarian, Slovak, and English. To be sent out to different countries and locations from Bulgaria
  • Transport and accommodation for the guests
  • Decoration agency and DJ from Plovdiv


How we solved them

  • Engaged in regular mail and skype communication mainly with the bride. Lists with the appropriate vendors and detailed description of pros and cons.
  • We presented the necessary steps and documents for a foreigner to be legally married in Bulgaria.
  • We contacted the Slovak embassy and enquired about the needed steps Juraj had to take to be able to legally get married in Bulgaria.
  • We researched the requirements for issuing a medical certificate to a foreigner and assisted Juraj (Sophie as well) to receive the needed document.
  • Found a printing house that was able to print the special Slovak characters. Picked out the finished invites, printed the addresses and put the correct invites in the envelopes. Mailed everything to the target destination.
  • We organized the accommodation of the foreigners and out-of-towners in Sankt Peterburg.
  • We organized the transportation for the guests on the wedding day, a walking tour in the old city of Plovdiv, and a professional guide.
  • We travelled to Plovdid and met personally with the decorator and the DJ before the bride and groom made the final decision.


The beautiful wedding photos have been nicely provided by the wedding photographer Grisha Grigorov