This article marks the beginning of a series in which we will review popular fall wedding themes, will share some interesting facts and will inspire you with different ideas. Summer is slowly passing away and is taking with it the bright colors, the sea-related themes, and the garden weddings. Fall is approaching and brings soft colors, sunflowers, pumpkins, and the beautiful colors of the autumn leaves.

We’ll start the series with the sunflowers not only because they are symbols of the sun, which we appreciate and will appreciate even more now that it’s becoming a scarce commodity, but also because of our personal story with these flowers. At the beginning or our relationship with Joro, the song “Firework” of Stefan Valdobrev was very special for us as a couple, in particular the part “you are my sunshine, I am your sunflower” We even thought of making sunflowers our wedding theme, but for various reasons we kept only their golden color. Despite the fact we couldn’t incorporate sunflowers the way we wanted; they will always have their special place in our value and beauty system.

As I researched the sunflowers theme, I got so inspired that we just as well might have our vows renewal among sunflowers. In any case, we’ll keep you posted.

Sunflowers. The sunflowers are the flowers of the sun, symbols of warmth, happiness, loyalty, and longevity. Their capability to transmit energy, both directly and figuratively, is unique and in this sense, sunflowers are a true mirror image of the sun. With their sparkling yellow petals, the sunflowers visually resemble the sun as well and this makes them a preferred decoration choice for weddings and other happy occasions. There are various types of sunflowers – large, small and colors ranging from light to sunset yellow.

The sunflowers originated in America, where they have been raised as a valuable source of food and energy. They have some religious symbolic meanings and are heavily utilized as a source of inspiration by the impressionists.

Their unique follow-the-sun behavior, called phototropism, has become an integral part of many ancient myths and it is a symbol of loyalty and perseverance. This, along with their visual resemblance to the sun, makes sunflowers the preferred choice by many future brides and grooms.

The sunflowers are very suitable for a fall wedding as they are seasonal for this period and their beautiful yellow color is associated with the beginning of the fall. You can include them in all the main wedding categories:


♥ Wedding cake


 Table cards



 Wedding favors

Even though it’s already September, it’s still not too late to organize your dream fall wedding. If you would like to get married in the fall and you would need the help of a professional wedding agency in Sofia, contact us to discuss how we can assist you.