The 2013 wedding season is happening but its end is peeping out through the passing summer door.  After we reviewed the summer wedding trends for 2013, We took the time to summarize what’s hot in terms of decoration, wedding cakes, and wedding invites – tendencies that started with May weddings and are still shaping up the wedding celebrations in 2013.


♥ Rustic is still very in – dense and at the same time simple flower compositions, natural materials, garden lanterns and flower details that look as just-picked-from-the-garden.

 The 2013 flowers are peonies. Delicate, beautiful and romantic, peonies are one of the most used flowers for wedding decorations in this wedding season. Unfortunately, they are available only for 2 months each year, so you may consider a backup plan. Garden roses are a good alternative, as they produce similar soft and gentle effect and are more durable and available.

♥ Flower garlands and cascading compositions are gaining momentum with more and more couples, because they radiate splendor and at the same time comfort.

Wedding cake

The wedding cakes tendencies are a few and we will start with the most romantic in order to continue where we left off with decoration.

 What’s more romantic than lace? The lace iced cakes are very beautiful, elegant and create a unique romantic touch to the entire wedding celebration.

 Hand- made drawings. These are not only cakes, they are art. These cakes contribute to the authentic wedding atmosphere. They are unique and usually use a key detail from the couple’s pre-wedding life or the wedding theme, such as an artifact from the beach where they kissed for the first time or a flower from the first bouquet he gave her.

 Ombre. Ombre is a great trend, very popular among the women who dye their hair, in which the colors blend from darker to lighter or vice versa. When the hair ends are several tones lighter as compared with otehr portions, the end result is very natural and sun-kissed effect.  The ombre wedding cakes are usually in pastel and contribute to the romantic and cheerful wedding mode. They are also an excellent focal point for beautiful wedding photos.

Wedding invites

♥ Personal stories. These are unique invites created exclusively for the couple and tell a story or transmit a special message to all the invites guests. Along with hand-painted wedding cakes, these invites make the wedding more personal. You can use pictures from fun trips you took before getting married, favorite details such as cartoon characters, flowers, cutesy animals, locations, gentle nicknames typical for your couple, etc.  With the assistance of a graphic designer, we created great exclusive invitations for one of our wonderful clients.

♥ Retro. Wonderful accent to a romantic wedding.  Dots, details, lace, flowers. Small is beautiful and less is more should be your mottos when choosing a retro invite.