Along with spring and early autumn, summer is a popular wedding season. If you had decided on a summer wedding, check out our ideas on how to spice it up.

Idea 1 – bright colors

Combine two bright colors – fuchsia and orange, one of our favorite mixes. It’s cool, it’s bright, it’s catchy and it’s so summer.

Idea 2 – new wedding themes

Along with the classing summer wedding themes – beach and garden, you can think of something a bit different to make your wedding experience unforgettable and unique. For example, instead of a standard beach, you can try to reproduce a beach with special meaning to the two of you, where you have spent several romantic days together. If you are not beach people, think mountain, mountain places, cabins, flowers. Another idea is to incorporate your honeymoon destination in the wedding theme – if you plan to visit Toscana, you can use grapes.

Idea 3 – fruit decoration

Fruit decoration is a total hit for summer wedding. You can pick fruits that are traditionally grown on Bulgarian soil, like cherries, apricots, or peaches, or you can entertain more exotic choices like pineapple. Of course, the fruits will only be an accent in your decoration settings, the main job will still be done by flowers.

Idea 4 – fresh wedding cake

Chocolate will always be the wedding cake classic, but if you are planning a summer wedding, you can think along fresher combinations like another classic – cream and strawberries or you can pick citrus filling. On top of the wedding cake, you may consider serving the absolute summer dessert – ice cream. Hire  Освен тортата, можете да поднесете и десерт в типичен летен стил. А какво по-лятно-емблематично от сладоледа? Rent a fridge truck filled with ice cream treats and serve them at the end of the party when probably all of your guests will be tired and an ice cream will do a great job in refreshing them and uplifting their dancing spirits.

Idea 5 – eco friendly favors

The eco wedding favor are becoming more popular and will be especially cool if you have an outdoor summer wedding. Have a herb selection from herbs that are specific to the region in which you have your reception. Fix them as a small bouquet, tie each piece with a wedding-colors ribbon and you will achieve double effect – gorgeous and useful wedding favors.

If you need someone with whom you can entertain ideas, someone who will present you choices, someone who will assist and encourage you through the wedding planning process, or someone who will organize everything and you will only review and select, you have just landed at the right place. Write or call us and the wedding planners from Inanna wedding agency will be glad to meet you and discuss wedding approaches and details.