Following the reviews about restaurant Carsko Selo, restaurant Panorama at park hotel Moskva, and restaurant Bulgaria, we are proud to present an overview of one of the new Sofia restaurants in the wedding selection – Metropolitan. Metropolitan is known as a business hotel and is thus almost empty on weekends. In other words, you can have a really loud party without interference.

♥ Location: Inanna rating 8/10 -For a business hotel, the location of Metropolitan is perfect. When it comes to wedding events, however, things are a bit different. The restaurant is far away from the churches and the ceremony halls. Using Carigradsko shose, you need 10 minutes to reach it from the Sofia center, so our verdict is 8 out of 10 for location.

♥ Interior: Inanna rating  8/10 – The hotel is new, the restaurant is carpeted and the tables are distributed on 3 levels, which makes it both interesting and a little uncomfortable. If you plan to have 100+ guests, the ones sitting at the end of the top row will feel left out and the ones facing the windows will have to turn heads in order to see the wedding table and the dancing floor.

♥ Service: Inanna rating 10+/10 – When it comes to service, we are very picky and meticulous, but we couldn’t find anything to complain about. Everybody involved in the wedding – from the F&B manager to the waiters were perfect. They were responsive, caring, and very professional.

♥ Food quality: Inanna rating 8/10
 – It was delicious, but not extraordinary.  The choice for the main dish (chicken steak) didn’t provide for creativity spur of the chefs, but the warm appetizer was great, chicken risotto with herbs wrapped in a delicious pancake.

♥ Quality / quantity / price ratio: Inanna rating 7/10 – The prices per person for a wedding venue of the restaurant puts it in the upper middle class.  The excellent service is a big plus, coupled with the fact that the bride and groom get a complementary apartment for her wedding night and the cake is included in the main charge, makes it a good choice for a wedding of ~80 people.

Total Inanna rating – 41+/50

Would we choose restaurant Metropolitan for our wedding?

  • She – Yes
  • He – No