After the article about park hotel Moskva and restaurant Panorama, we continue to introduce you to the restaurants suitable for holding a wedding a reception in Sofia. We review, rate, and discuss the Carsko selo restaurant – a place with an image and popularity among the Bulgarian VIPs.

♥  Location: Inanna rating 6/10 –  Carsko selo has a great location only if it were a furniture store. For a wedding restaurant, the location is very inappropriate, on the ring road, and far away from the popular churches and places, in which the official ceremonies are held.  The one good thing is that it would be easy to explain the restaurant location to the out-of-towners.

♥ Interior: Inanna rating 9/10 – The Carsko selo complex is a beautifully designed and implemented. The walk by the hotel to the wedding hall leads you pass the church, the guest houses, the fountains, and the restaurant garden and is a very pleasant experience. You can choose to have your religions ceremony in the church within the complex and in this way, have your entire wedding day spent there, which is quite convenient. The hotel gladly offers early check-in and all the bride beauty procedures can be held there. Advantages that very few other wedding locations are able to offer.

The wedding hall is quite presentable and painted in pale pink. We probably would have given Carsko selo the maximum interior points if there weren’t the office (?!) chairs in the wedding all and the beautiful windows, which are used only for decoration and can’t be opened. The fact that there might be a sports team doing their trainings on your special day is not very wedding-friendly as well.

♥ Service: Inanna rating 8/10 – The restaurant manager is very friendly and competent. She will assist your menu choices, will provide you valuable advice, will help with the hotel accommodation coordination, and will control her staff on your wedding day. The waiters are enough, but their “uniform” is totally out-of-place – black trousers and black T-shirt with hardly readable inscriptions. Our waiter looked like part of the complex security team.

♥ Food quality: Inanna rating 7/10 – We expected much more from the food. To our disappointment nothing in the 5 course meal is worth mentioning. At least the portions are big.

♥ Quality / Quantity / Price ratio: Inanna rating 8/10  – The opportunity for having the entire wedding day be held in one place that Carsko selo offers is really unique and appreciated by many couples. This advantage somewhat justifies the quite high prices per person. If it were only for the high prices, we would probably have given Carsko selo a 10 for this category, but a combination of several small prints and limitations in the important choices like decoration call for a lower rating.

Total Inanna rating- 38/50

Would we choose Carsko selo for our wedding?

  • She – No
  • He – No