This article marks the start of a series of articles, in which we will introduce and review suitable wedding restaurants. We have organized weddings in some of the restaurants; we have recommendations for others or have had experiences with them for other occasions. We would be glad to hear your opinion on the different locations and as well as on the Inanna rating.

There are three restaurants in park hotel Moskva – Moskva, the Winter garden and Panorama. Panorama is the best choice if you organize a wedding reception for about 100 guests. Follow our impressions and ratings about the Panorama restaurant.

♥  Location: Inanna rating 10/10 –  Extremely convenient from a logistics perspective – 10 minutes ride from the Sofia seminary (in our opinion, the best church for wedding ceremonies). There is a tram, a bus, and a metro stop in a walking distance if your guests have decided to use the public transportation.

 Interior: Inanna rating 5/10 – The hotel and the restaurant are very old school, a bit worn-out and the look and feel is the opposite of modern. The chairs certainly need case coverings, but are very comfortable. The carpet is red and old and the curtains are brown and old, which is very limiting with regards to color and theme choices.  Relatively big dancing space, strategic location for the DJ, and low ceiling. The big windows and the fantastic view partially compensate the above disadvantages, but due to the fact that the restaurant is practically unusable for a wedding without decoration, we give the interior a relative low rating.

 Service: Inanna rating 8/10 – Mr. Zafirov, the manager, is very responsive and cooperative. The waiters know what they are doing and are able to provide quality service.

 Food quality: Inanna rating 8/10 –To compensate for the high marks up to now, we should get more critical about something. But this can’t be food. The cooks are excellent – besides the wedding menus we’ve tried their lunch choices and left full and very satisfied.

 Quality/quantity/price ratio: Inanna rating 9/10 – We deem the Panorama restaurant one of the best quality/price ratio wedding location in Sofia.

Total Inanna rating – 40/50

Would we choose restaurant Panorama for our wedding?

  • She – No
  • He – Yes