We are approaching the end of the year in which the United States re-elected their president, Greece declared bankruptcy, and the end of the world didn’t come. Some famous couples put an end to their bachelor life.

Follows our selection of the 10 most interesting celebrity weddings for the past year:

 Ryan Reynolds married the almost 10 years younger Blake Lively. The star in the hot series “The Gossip Girl” is the second famous actress after Scarlett Johansson to exchange wedding vows with the Canadian actor.

  On August-4th 2012, Natalie Portman and the dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied got married in a special Jewish ceremony. They met during the filming of the Black Swan. The rest is history and one heir. For now.

 Belo Horizonte is a town in Brazil, which besides the music giants Sepultura, gave to the world the beautiful Camila Alves. The Brazilian model and actress got married to the Texas charmer Matthew McConaughey. The happy family expects their third child in the middle of 2013.

The state of New York legally allowed gay marriages and 25% of the Sex and the city lead actresses, namely Cynthia Nixon, got married to her life partner Christine Marinoni. Congratulations!  .

 Have you updated your facebook status? Mark Zuckerberg and the beautiful Priscilla Chan surprised us with a spring wedding in 2012. Who would have thought that an invitation to the graduation ceremony of Chan would turn out to be the pass to the wedding of one of the most powerful man of our time?

  Chris Noth, Mr. Big from the Sex and the City series won the Hugh Hefner prize for a young bride. Tara Wilson is not only young, but very pretty. Well done, Chris!

Jade Jagger and Adrian Filary. And we are not joking. You may not know them, but the DJ and promoter Adrian Filary is surely very proud to tell that he danced his first wedding dance to You Can’t Always Get What You Want, played live by the father of the bride – the timeless Mick Jagger.

Alexander Baldwin the IIIrd and the yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas are a family as of June-30th 2012. Apparently, the yoga practice has done miracles to the body and spirit of Alec.

After realizing that he can’t possibly reach the music example set out by his idol Vlady Ampov – Grafa, Justin Timberlake has decided to focus on his movie career. He was the lead actor in the big fat (around $6 million) 3-day Italian wedding with the actress Jessica Biel.

 15 year after playing the lead role in Titanic, Kate Winslet got married for the third time. The groom is mainly popular with being the nephew of Richard Branson. His name is Ned Rocknroll. We are not joking.