This article builds on the tradition of the previous two about Carsko Selo and Panorama and introduces you to one of the oldest restaurants in Sofia – restaurant Bulgaria. The wedding celebration of Tedy’s parents was held there, as well as the weddings of the parents brothers and sisters, and this was one of the top Sofia spots at the time. Currently, the restaurant is hosting only big events, but you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake in the fancy sweet shop on the ground floor.

♥  Location: Inanna rating 10/10 –  The location is as central as it can get – walking distance from several wonderful churches – St. Sofia, the Rotonda, St. George, St. Sedmochislenici, St. Nedelia. Parking is available as well.

♥ Interior: Inanna rating 9/10 – The restaurant looks are breathtaking. The spiral staircase adds to the grandeur and is the perfect setting for welcoming the newly weds. The official table is elevated on a platform, which makes it not only special, but also provides great view to all the guests. The moving ceiling doesn’t compensate for the lack of AC and this, in our opinion, is the only interior disadvantage.

♥ Service: Inanna rating 7/10 – The restaurant manager is very kind and responsive. Provides good advice about the menu options and is ready to discuss alternatives and combinations. The waiters, however, don’t provide the service that is expected from a classy place – they are slow and not motivated to do a good job.

♥ Food quality: Inanna rating 7/10 – We were pleased with the food quality, but according to colleagues from the wedding industry the quality has significantly dropped during the last wedding season. That’s why, the food quality mark is 7.

♥ Quality / quantity / price ratio: Inanna rating 9/10  – Despite the growing number of negative feedback about the food quality, restaurant Bulgaria is one of the preferred wedding venues in Sofia. The price per person is in the middle range and the combination of tradition, interior, and management is unique. Additional benefit is the professional pastry shop where the bride and the groom can select their wedding cake.

Total Inanna rating – 42/50

Would we choose restaurant Bulgaria for our wedding?

  • She – Yes
  • He – Yes