The wedding jewelry can be as important as the wedding gown and can complement or spoil it. If you have chosen a simpler wedding dress, it’s a good idea to select in an interesting and eye-catching piece of jewelry. It’s always a good idea to invest in something that you would be able to wear after the wedding.

I dreamt about a three row pearl necklace since my university years and decided I was going to get them as my wedding jewelry. The peals cost three times as much as my wedding gown, but I love them and wear them very often. Unlike my wedding dress, which is carefully packed and stored in one of my mom’s closets, waiting for my daughter to turn 10 and play wedding with it. I gave a pearl necklace as a wedding gift to one of my college best friends, currently running an online dress shop. We chose the necklace together, spent quite some time browsing jewelry stores, and ended up buying a wonderful piece. This necklace was so popular that it became the “something borrowed” for several weddings after that and she is wearing it on every possible occasion.

Follow our jewelry advises for your wedding day:

  Invest in something valuable and beautiful, something which you would be able to wear after the wedding and possibly pass on to next generations.

  Choose quality. We trusted the so called wedding agent we used with finding the vendor for our wedding rings and bitterly regretted it. As a result of this poor choice the white gold on our rings turned out to be just a covering, which worn out only a week after the wedding.

  Besides the classic pearl necklaces, take a look at hand-made jewelry. In this way, you would be up for something truly unique.

  Pick jewelry that goes well with the wedding theme and your outfit. For example, if you plan to wear a richly decorated bustier, combine with a nice pair of earrings and don’t overdo it with a necklace.

  Ask your mother and grandmother about their wedding jewelry. If it’s something valuable, they still have it, and you like it, it can turn out to be the perfect match for you and your modern wedding dress. If they have their wedding pictures, but don’t have the jewelry, you can order a replica. In this way, you will make them feel special and you will wear part of your family history of your wedding day.

  Besides the family jewelry, you can take a look at the wedding jewelry of the celebrities and make a replica. Maybe the necklace, in which princess Diana said yes is that final touch that would make you feel like a princess on your wedding day.

  If you need inspiration, browse through online stores, wedding blogs, and the wedding photos of other newlyweds.

 If you plan on wearing a veil, think of something shiny to hold it to your hair – this can be a part of of wedding jewelry as well.

  Don’t forget the wedding rings – they are the most important piece of jewelry you will wear every day after the wedding. It’s very important that both you and your partner like the model and that the ring goes well with your other jewelry sets. If you prefer yellow gold, choose rings in this color, if you mostly wear white gold or silver, choose white rings. A combination of yellow and white is best if you can’t decide whether you are yellow or white.

If you prefer to let a professional assist your choice of wedding rings, or organize your entire wedding, we at Inanna wedding agency would be happy to help.