Engagement ring Inanna wedding agencyYou receive a ring. You give a ring and hear  “I do”. You are a fiancé. You even have a chosen date for the big event. After the engagement excitement and the congratulations phase is over, the planning phase should start. Before you decide on whether to plan your wedding or to hire a wedding planner, think about the following topics.

 How much time between the engagement and the wedding?

  How much time you can spare for wedding organization? What about your fiancé?

If the time between the engagement and the wedding date is less than 6 months and neither you, nor your finance can spare enough time for organization, our advice is to select and hire a wedding planner to take care of the wedding event.


Other important issues to consider –

  Do you like planning?

  Are you good at budgeting? Can you prioritize?

  Do you like and have experience in event organization?

  Do you have friends or acquaintances who got married in the last year and can advise you on wedding topics?

  Do you like research?

  Do you like to review and compare information?

  Do you like to communicate and negotiate?

  Do you have someone whom you can trust with the preparation and implementation of the wedding day scenario – vendors coordination, guests transport and accommodation, restaurant, church, hairdo and makeup?

  In your everyday life, do you believe that everybody can do everything given they have the time?

If you answer is “no” to most of the questions above, our advice is to hire a wedding planner to organize your wedding. If the agency would plan and organize and not only decorate and offer a team of vendors they usually work with, you won’t have to do any of the above activities. Depending on your needs and budget, you will receive a budget and project plan for the event, wedding day scenario, vendors research, selection, and options presentation – photographer, DJ, decorator, video-operator, cake provider, etc. and the wedding agents will be there for you every step of the process. They will join your meetings with vendors, will negotiate, and advise. Will organize the transport and accommodation of your foreign guests or out-of-towners, will be your lawyers and protectors. If they don’t take commissions from the vendors, you will receive better prices for most of your choices, because they are done via a wedding agency.

Of course, the wedding agents can assist you with part of the organization. If you have decided that you’re  going to select the wedding dress with your sister, know a graphic designer who will create your electronic invitations, and you are going to use a recommended photographer – the wedding planners will organize all the other details for you and will create and control the wedding day scenario, so that it turns out according to your expectations.

If you have decided to hire professionals to organize your wedding day, we at Inanna wedding agency will gladly listen to your ideas, will create a plan according to your needs and requirements and will take care of all organization details, so that your only job is to enjoy your special day.