Do you need a wedding day scenario or planning every hour of the day is a bit too much? It all depends on the amount of control you would like to have. If you think that the most important milestones are enough – the official ceremony, the church, and the reception, then the wedding invite can be your high level plan and you can improvise in the other situations. If you would like to know what happens every minute of your wedding day or if you have a wedding agent who is and who has to be – a control-lover, then you definitely need a wedding day scenario.

What are the important components of a useful wedding day scenario?

Inanna wedding agency wedding day scenario


  1. The wedding day usually starts with making the bride even more beautiful, so the hour and location for the makeup and hairstyle are the first points in the scenario
  2. When would be wedding vehicle pick up the bride and the groom?
  3. If they have foreign guests or out-of-towners, at what time and location they should gather and when should they take off for the first ceremony?
  4. When and where should the photographers come?
  5. When and where should the video-operators come?
  6. What is the exact time for the first ceremony?
  7. Free time between the ceremonies – what do the guests do, is there any organized event?
  8. The photo-shoot – when and where
  9. The exact time and location of the next ceremony


When you describe the day, don’t forget the needed documents and other materials the bride and the groom need for the official ceremonies and rituals. For example, a sample list for the official ceremony would look like this:

  IDs of the bride and groom

  A signed official declaration

♥  An invoice for pre-paid type of ceremony


  Glasses decoration


  Sweets for the guests

It’s recommended to create lists for all points of the wedding day scenario so that you don’t forget or miss something important.

If you prefer to hire a professional to organize your wedding and to plan and control your wedding day, we at Inanna wedding agency would be happy to present different options, to organize, prepare and execute the wedding day scenario. In this scenario, your only job would be to make choices and enjoy.