Themed weddings gained popularity in Bulgaria in the last couple of years, inspired by our American friends. The theme or the style of the wedding sets the tone for the decoration and the other small, but important details such as the invites, the favors, the glasses, the outfits for the bride and groom, and sometimes even for the honeymoon location.

The choice of a theme depends on the taste of the future bride and groom, as well as on their interests and special moments of their relationship. Deni and Stefan, for example, chose a seaside theme, because Stefan proposed during a sea vacation. The wedding invites were unique and utilized their pictures of fun seaside moments. The decoration color was turquoise and the decoration details – shellfish. A wedding that we organize for August 2014 has a mountains theme. The bride and groom love beautiful mountain scenery and hiking together. In their case, not only the invites and other details would be themed, but the wedding venue is in the mountains as well. I am sure it would be a gorgeous wedding and I will share pictures and stories in the fall.

The theme choice is important as it is a high maintenance, because the decision to subject all the details to the main wedding message can lead to more time in search of the perfect glasses for the official ritual, a hand-made dress, and crafty favors. For the bride and groom, and for all the guests with an eye for beauty and synergy, the end result is totally worth it.

The wedding of Mihaela and Mitko is a great example of an interesting wedding theme and perfect execution. Misheto is a francophone and the style she and Mitko have chosen for their wedding celebration is French. Everything matches! The bride’s dress is covered with little Eiffel towers. As is the groom’s bow tie. The glasses look as though purchased from Provance. The exquisite cookies, favors for the wedding guests, carry the breath of a Paris pastry shop. The cake is decorated with French macaroons. Everything is in sync!

Mihaela and Mitko had organized their wedding and had very kindly provided us with the opportunity to show the magic they have created with the assistance of wedding photographer Niki Mitev,  pastry shop Ananda (the cake), Vintage Sofia (the wedding gown), Marina’s shop (the guest favors)

The wedding dress

Рокля за френска сватбена тема

The wedding cake

Торта за френска сватбена тема

A close-up of the wedding cake

Торта за френска сватбена тема

Wedding champagne and glasses

Шампанско и чаши за френска сватбена тема

The wedding favors

Подаръчета за гостите за френска сватбена тема

The bouquet

Булченски букет за френска сватбена тема